Take action against articles 11 & 13!

The European Parliament has voted for the proposed directive.

The European Union is working on new copyright legislation. The proposal submitted by the Council of Ministers contains a number of very bad ideas: an upload filter and a link tax. This may prevent you from sharing images or clips the way you currently can. In other words, it is a severe attack on the freedom of speech.

We won the first battle, on July 5th. Unfortunately on September 9th The European Parliament voted in support of an amended proposal. We say unfortunately, because the amendments are not good enough. Even a weakened upload filter and link tax will be an attack on our freedom of speech. Lees meer »

These Dutch MEPs voted in support of internet censorship:

These Dutch MEPs voted to protect the internet:

The final vote will take place in spring.

The Council of Ministers, the Parliament and the Commision will now negotiate on the final text of the copyright directive, and this will likely be voted on in spring in the Parliament. If articles 11 or 13 remain in the text, we will of course organise another protest.

We are an independent and open action group. You can contact us with any questions at stopcensuur@protonmail.com. Do you want to discuss, organise something, do you have a good idea? Help us organise in our Slack channel.

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