Take action against articles 11 & 13!

The demonstration on July 1st

On Sunday July 1st in the burning sun, more than 30 people overcame a bus strike and railway maintenance to come together on the Plein square in The Hague. The group was very diverse, from several political parties, different organisations and clubs from many different cities and towns. Most participants brought their own signs with original memes and slogans.

As planned the action started at 13:00 by practicing some chants, followed by a word of welcome and an explanation about the hated articles 11 and 13. During these soapbox speeches a few participants walked around the square to also inform people around about the upload filter and the link tax. Every talk was followed by shouting " "EU, bouw geen muur! Wij willen geen censuur!" [EU, build no wall! We want no censorship!] in unison. In the middle of the programme we elected the best sign among the participants, and at the end we reminded everyone once more to e-mail and call the MEPs.

In the end all participants returned home, but our slogans remain chalked on the squares' stones. This action was just the beginning, a group of activists has formed that will protect the internet from censorship and other threats.